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We take NARUTO Characs SERIOUS!
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Sketch (pencil) – $3 per character
Line-art (digital/traditional) – $5 per character
Line-art + background (digital/traditional) – $5 per character + $5 for the background*
Color (digital only) – $15 per character
Color + background (digital only) – $15 per character + $10 for the background*
Comic (traditional only, the lines will be sketchy and with pencil) – $2 per panel
Comic (digital only, the lines will be digital, not sketchy) – $4 per panel
Comic colored (digital only) – $7 per panel
Comic colored + shading (digital only) – $10 per panel

- No animations
- No avatars
- No icons
- I will not accept things that violate the rules of daviantArt

Payment can be done through paypal. When living in Europe IBAN/BIC is also an option. I do NOT accept money through mail. Sometimes payment through deviantArt points is also an option, if it is, it will say so at the top of this box. Points have to be equal to the amount of dollars I am asking.

Working on the following commissions
(this list is in random order)
:iconiccolo: comic page 4 (colored)

dA-ZOO birthday calendar project

Project for the :iconthe-da-zoo:

See journal for more information:
dA-ZOO birthday calendar project UPDATE!Update 8 July 2014
Some drawings (WIPs)


Also an idea was added. More ideas are still welcome as well as other not yet added characters.

Update 2 July 2014
Ok long time no update ^^;. On cousin's laptop 'cause mine crashed. A few things:
1 - New characters added to the list of allowed to use.
2 - Working on JANUARY month, with a snowball fight. The complete drawing is devided in parts of which I drew two parts on the drawing already. Two other ideas already. The snowball fight will be K9 vs. Feline and currently include: Iccolo, Vyse, Sebo, Drenic. To be added; Aya, Isabel, Jelle (with drawing ideas), ofc more but for those are no idea yet. I need some more K9 types though ^^;
3 - FEBRUARY will be valentine themed so I need to know the current couples!!! Please tell me ><.

Update 28 January 2014
Added more characters, it's starting to get quite a long list. This weekend I

Drawing idea's
- Polar huminals/winter themed
- The ones who started the group/first members
- Snowball fight
- Valentines day, couples
- Chocolate falling from the sky
- Led chasing Maya and she's dressed in a Leprechaun
- (international women day) All female zoo members in a grid
- Green theme
[April] - no ideas yet
[May] - no ideas yet
[June] - no ideas yet
- BBQ party
- Fishing Darkca, random zoo members around
[September] - no ideas yet
[October] - no ideas yet
- (NaNoWriMo) The writing zoo members... writing
- Polar huminals/winter themed
- Ice fishing, iccolo (almost) falling in hole in ice (lawl 8D)


It's nearly been a year omg and I DON'T HAVE THE PASSWORD TO THAT ACCOUNT (jelle1218) ANYMORE
Fri Sep 12, 2014, 10:48 PM
And I finally got myself another premium X3
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 4:58 AM
Last day of premium it looks like for you... I still have a few days left....
Sun Oct 14, 2012, 3:47 AM
YO I'm bored xD
Mon Sep 24, 2012, 12:15 AM
I've been reading your stuff on fanfic...great writing & art!!
Sat May 12, 2012, 2:36 PM

Do you support any kickstarter project? 

10 deviants said No, but I want to
7 deviants said Nope
2 deviants said Yes, yay for crowdfunding 8D



My mom is slowly decorating the living room again with christmas trees. So far we have three... =| If you wanne see, tell me, then I'll make pictures of it and post it on my twitter (which you can find on my userpage of dA).

I got a small xmas decoration during secret santa. Which I did with friends last Saturday. It resulted in me getting sicker btw -.-''. The decoration is now standing in the window since then people get to see it. My room itself stays x-mas decoration free =X.

For those who wanne know about my health. I have ups and downs. Sunday and Monday were just plain terrible. I talked to the... uh... well he's not a manager... but let's call him that. So I talked to the manager and and discussed my issue with the boss. The thing is, I can concentrate and do my work perfectly fine, but only for a certain amount of time. All I do is sit in a chair after all... and use my brain. But the coughing tires me out. So now it's arranged that this week I will work at least 6 hours a day and if I can, I work more.
I got new medicine from the doctor. My mom got 6 prescription for everyone together when she went to pick up the medicine. Apparently a lot of people have the same as me and my family, since we only got 1 pill each instead of 3 pills each. They delivered the remaining two today. I already start to feel slightly better, but forgot to take my nose-spray, so my nose was clogged up. I'm not sure if that is the reason now my jaw hurts when I cough or blow my nose... =/.

That's it for my health, back to the point; x-mas.

I saw this journal of someone I watch saying you make a list of what you would like for xmas. The point of the journal is to also check other people's journal and see if you can full fill a wish on the list. Which is actually a pretty good thing to do, so I started thinking and was like "nope, can't make such a list". Here is why;

First of all I really want right now is get better. Not something anyone would be able to give me.
Second I want a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid, which is damn expensive and I want to work for it to get it.
Third... uh...

See... I could fill in all sort of things there. Like wanting to move out (would love to!), getting my drivers licences (ya still don't have them), get a bf (mostly because I am getting crazy of my mom and grandma ask me the question 'Was he handsome?' when I talk about ANY boy I get to meet in life. Even if it is just random) (someone who lives in the Netherlands is preferred -.-'' ), start my own company (plans are being made for that already! those who want to know, I wanne publish my own stories with that), but to get those things fir x-mas...,I gotta say no to that. It's not like I don't want them... but I rather have a nice x-mas with my family... all coughing free XD. Just dinner, good movie(s), that's all. We never did any present giving with x-mas anyway. Also almost none of the above can be given for x-mas.

So... I'm curious at to what you people wish for x-mas, pretty sure you're better at making a list than me XD.


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