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We take NARUTO Characs SERIOUS!
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Sketch (pencil) – $3 per character
Line-art (digital/traditional) – $5 per character
Line-art + background (digital/traditional) – $5 per character + $5 for the background*
Color (digital only) – $15 per character
Color + background (digital only) – $15 per character + $10 for the background*
Comic (traditional only, the lines will be sketchy and with pencil) – $2 per panel
Comic (digital only, the lines will be digital, not sketchy) – $4 per panel
Comic colored (digital only) – $7 per panel
Comic colored + shading (digital only) – $10 per panel

- No animations
- No avatars
- No icons
- I will not accept things that violate the rules of daviantArt

Payment can be done through paypal. When living in Europe IBAN/BIC is also an option. I do NOT accept money through mail. Sometimes payment through deviantArt points is also an option, if it is, it will say so at the top of this box. Points have to be equal to the amount of dollars I am asking.

Working on the following commissions
(this list is in random order)
:iconiccolo: comic page 4 (colored)

dA-ZOO birthday calendar project

Project for the :iconthe-da-zoo:

See journal for more information:
dA-ZOO birthday calendar project UPDATE!Update 8 July 2014
Some drawings (WIPs)


Also an idea was added. More ideas are still welcome as well as other not yet added characters.

Update 2 July 2014
Ok long time no update ^^;. On cousin's laptop 'cause mine crashed. A few things:
1 - New characters added to the list of allowed to use.
2 - Working on JANUARY month, with a snowball fight. The complete drawing is devided in parts of which I drew two parts on the drawing already. Two other ideas already. The snowball fight will be K9 vs. Feline and currently include: Iccolo, Vyse, Sebo, Drenic. To be added; Aya, Isabel, Jelle (with drawing ideas), ofc more but for those are no idea yet. I need some more K9 types though ^^;
3 - FEBRUARY will be valentine themed so I need to know the current couples!!! Please tell me ><.

Update 28 January 2014
Added more characters, it's starting to get quite a long list. This weekend I

Drawing idea's
- Polar huminals/winter themed
- The ones who started the group/first members
- Snowball fight
- Valentines day, couples
- Chocolate falling from the sky
- Led chasing Maya and she's dressed in a Leprechaun
- (international women day) All female zoo members in a grid
- Green theme
[April] - no ideas yet
[May] - no ideas yet
[June] - no ideas yet
- BBQ party
- Fishing Darkca, random zoo members around
[September] - no ideas yet
[October] - no ideas yet
- (NaNoWriMo) The writing zoo members... writing
- Polar huminals/winter themed
- Ice fishing, iccolo (almost) falling in hole in ice (lawl 8D)


Fri Jan 16, 2015, 2:04 PM
It's nearly been a year omg and I DON'T HAVE THE PASSWORD TO THAT ACCOUNT (jelle1218) ANYMORE
Fri Sep 12, 2014, 10:48 PM
And I finally got myself another premium X3
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 4:58 AM
Last day of premium it looks like for you... I still have a few days left....
Sun Oct 14, 2012, 3:47 AM
YO I'm bored xD
Mon Sep 24, 2012, 12:15 AM

10 pages of emoticons with just text... so manny 

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The results for my blood test are in and... well they're not good -.-''. So I am off to the doctor again tomorrow. ... I wanne be better again... I wanne go to work again OTL.

end update


Went to the doctor today. They're going to do some blood tests so I have to come back tomorrow to get a shot -.-''. I already feel prone to fainting, let's add that to it. Hopefully I won't faint during that.
I wanted to email work tomorrow with an update, after the shot thingy. But they already called today. My phone was in my bag which was on the table. So I went to it a bit faster than I have been moving around today, my heart felt like beating my throat. Urgh. Once I sat down again my arms felt really heavy. Not fun at all. I mean other than this I am fine. I can work... sorta. It's the fact that I feel giddy at points and need to lay down sometimes because of feelings like I just ran a mile. At work I would have to go up 52 steps, there is no way I can make that and feel all right enough to work. This really sucks and it annoys me.

end update

So last Monday I was on my way to work. Got on the bus, but once again it was really crowded and I had to stand. Halfway I started to feel not so well. In fact, I felt like I was going to faint. I was lucky to stand near the stop button so I pressed that and found my way through the crowd, everything was fuzzy. Sat down on a bench at that stop and didn't no let me rephrase that, couldn't move for a good 10 minutes. I didn't start feeling any better after that, so I managed to drag myself to the other side to take a bus home. Called work to tell I wasn't coming that day. Then called the doctor, 'cause I have this fainting feeling way too often.
Mom was surprised when she found me home and brought me to the doctor later on. Apparently I have a low blood pressure. Since then I have had points of feeling terrible. All I do is sitting or hanging really. Watching some TV. Been eating too. But at points I feel really hot or cold or even worse, like I just ran a mile. It feels like my heart is really pounding fast and it's rather uncomfortable. Mom checked my wrist, but that feels normal and when she said that I said it couldn't be because it felt like it was pounding way too fast. So ya, that's my week so far -.-''. Maybe I should go see the doctor again about this.


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