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We take NARUTO Characs SERIOUS!
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dA-ZOO birthday calendar project

Project for the :iconthe-da-zoo:

See journal for more information:
dA-ZOO birthday calendar project UPDATE!Update 8 July 2014
Some drawings (WIPs)


Also an idea was added. More ideas are still welcome as well as other not yet added characters.

Update 2 July 2014
Ok long time no update ^^;. On cousin's laptop 'cause mine crashed. A few things:
1 - New characters added to the list of allowed to use.
2 - Working on JANUARY month, with a snowball fight. The complete drawing is devided in parts of which I drew two parts on the drawing already. Two other ideas already. The snowball fight will be K9 vs. Feline and currently include: Iccolo, Vyse, Sebo, Drenic. To be added; Aya, Isabel, Jelle (with drawing ideas), ofc more but for those are no idea yet. I need some more K9 types though ^^;
3 - FEBRUARY will be valentine themed so I need to know the current couples!!! Please tell me ><.

Update 28 January 2014
Added more characters, it's starting to get quite a long list. This weekend I

Drawing idea's
- Polar huminals/winter themed
- The ones who started the group/first members
- Snowball fight
- Valentines day, couples
- Chocolate falling from the sky
- Led chasing Maya and she's dressed in a Leprechaun
- (international women day) All female zoo members in a grid
- Green theme
[April] - no ideas yet
[May] - no ideas yet
[June] - no ideas yet
- BBQ party
- Fishing Darkca, random zoo members around
[September] - no ideas yet
[October] - no ideas yet
- (NaNoWriMo) The writing zoo members... writing
- Polar huminals/winter themed
- Ice fishing, iccolo (almost) falling in hole in ice (lawl 8D)


Fri Jan 16, 2015, 2:04 PM
It's nearly been a year omg and I DON'T HAVE THE PASSWORD TO THAT ACCOUNT (jelle1218) ANYMORE
Fri Sep 12, 2014, 10:48 PM
And I finally got myself another premium X3
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 4:58 AM
Last day of premium it looks like for you... I still have a few days left....
Sun Oct 14, 2012, 3:47 AM
YO I'm bored xD
Mon Sep 24, 2012, 12:15 AM

I'm gonna buy a lottery ticket, I can choose an end number, which should I choose? 

4 deviants said 5
2 deviants said 6
2 deviants said 7 (I'm thinking about this one because I was born in 1987, last number of my birthyear XP)
2 deviants said 8 (I am thinking about this one because I am turning 28)
2 deviants said 9
1 deviant said 3 (... my parents have this as end number)
No deviants said 1
No deviants said 2
No deviants said 4
No deviants said 0 (... my grandparents have this as end number)



As you all know, at least if you read my previous journal that is, I found a new job. Now I have some advice for you... if you are an IT person/developer whatever. For that let's go back about a year. November 2014, I was looking for a job. Got my linked set up and everything. Applying to all sorts of things. Got a couple of interviews. No luck whatsoever. Eventually I got an invitation of the place I am still currently working it (only half a day left tomorrow). It was close, they were willing to take the risk even though I had not much experience with the framework they use. I didn't really like the pay, but was like "I'm a newbie, got no experience, I can understand.". So I agreed.

Now aside from the fact that I recently found out that someone without a diploma in the branch or any experience at all getting about 200 more than me (they guy is okay do, he's nice and all, not blaming him he didn't know either), making me feel like a fool. Please follow my this advice; if you get an offer in the branch you want to work with, even if the pay seems unfair, take it.
Why? Well ever since the 1 year hit my linked in account I have been getting requests if I were interested in a new challenge. Combined with the fact that I actually had to decline a second interview to discuss things like the pay and whatever because I already accepted another job, experience is THE most important thing I guess. Even if it is just a year. Also because of this experience you can ask more specific questions about your possible new job. I mean I asked plenty about what code was used, frameworks, version control, services, bug report system, databases, indexes and you probably don't understand half of what I am talking about which is exactly my point, because I do XP. (Actually I don't remember all, but these things were covered)

So that is my advise for you. Take the job, get experience, leave a year later... if you want, I mean that's up to you. My intention wasn't leaving, but I am okay with leaving and going somewhere else.

Anyway, why is 2015 my year? Well first of all back in January I got to stay at my job (I had 2 months to proof myself). Then around may I got the key to my own apartment. In September I got to go to the USA. Now, November, I get a new job.
Also currently I am meeting actual authors on Tuesdays (well tomorrow is the last time, but in January we will meet up again), right now it's nanowrimo related but we thought we could just meet up even outside of that so to help each other. I wonder if I should try my luck and buy a lottery ticket for the lottery on December 10th (my birthday) XD. You know what, I will.


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