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June 24, 2007
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Chapter 7: Date and fight

Hinata brushed away the tears and looked up to Naruto. He smiled, still having the blush on his face. Naruto leaned closer and kissed her. This time with more passion than the last time and Hinata was less shocked. She returned it and wrapped her arms around his neck.


Rakuna sniffed. The smell of the boy. She knew it very well. She will take him down. He should be a fox by now. He’ll be an easy prey. The girl will come second. She doesn’t smell as delicious as the boy. Also the girl made Rakuna think about her past. The wolf shook her head. This wasn’t a good time to think about her previous master. She must concentrate on getting that boy. He won’t escape a third time. This time she will eat him, leaving nothing but his bones.

“Rakuna, I know you’re thinking about that stupid boy.” Rakuna looked shocked for a moment. Her master sounded irritated. Irritated because his prey was able to escape again. “Let me be clear. First the target, then you can do whatever you want with that boy. Got that?” “Yes, master,” Rakuna nodded. She sat down and licked he left paw. It was hurt because of that damn huge dog.


Naruto and Hinata were walking to Ichiraku, hand in hand. Smiling like idiots. Hinata was happy Naruto finally recognized her and even confessed. She looked up to the blond haired ninja. He had his bonnet on again. His tail was hidden in his pants.

Just before they walked into the ramen shop, they let their hands go. “Morning,” Naruto said, “O hey Ayame, where’s the old man?” “Hello Naruto, he’s taking a delivery.” Naruto sat down and Hinata sat down next to him. “Hinata, you’re here too. Our best costumers at the same time,” Ayame grinned, “what do you two want?”


Iruka was walking back to the academy. He was worried about Naruto. ‘That boy and not hungry? Normally he begs for a free ramen, but…’ Iruka scratched his head and turned around the corner. ‘Maybe Naruto had just ate? No, that can’t be it. He always accepts a free ramen.’

He passed the ramen shop and overheard a conversation. “Anyway, Tsunade-o-baa-chan still hasn’t found a cure.” It was Naruto. Iruka entered the shop.


Naruto slurped some of the noodles into his mouth, when he heard his name. “Naruto, I thought you weren’t hungry.” Naruto turned his head and felt busted. “Iruka-sensei?!” A light blush came on his face. Next to him Hinata was watching him, with a worried face. Naruto knew what she was thinking: Naruto and not hungry…

“I-I…had…I had other things on my mind,” he uttered. Quickly he put some new noodles in his mouth, so he had some time to think about what he should say. “Like what? I mean you never refused a free ramen before.” Hinata started to cough, she choke in her ramen. “Are you alright, Hinata?” Iruka asked. “Yes, I’m fine,” she said blushing.

“Don’t you have to go back to the academy?” Naruto said. “O, right, well see you again.” Iruka left and Naruto sighed relieved. “You said that because you want to get rid of him, isn’t it Naruto?” Ayame stated. Naruto’s head turned red. “It’s unlike you to refuse a free ramen,” she said with an evil smile. “I-I r-really wasn’t h-hungry when h-he asked,” Naruto stuttered.

Hinata started to giggle. Seeing Naruto stuttering was funny. “And you seem quite comfort around Naruto…” Now it was Hinata’s turn to get a face as red as a tomato. Ayame laughed at the two. Naruto had an awkward smile on his face and paid for the ramen. “Paying for both, so you two are on a date.” Naruto ignored the woman and stood up.

The two ninja left Ichiraku. “Naruto-kun?” Naruto turned his head to Hinata. She blushed, even now that they were together, she couldn’t help it. “What-what things did you had on your mind…?” “What I did yesterday night,” he almost whispered with pink in the face. Hinata gazed at him and then smiled. Naruto grabbed her hand and pulled her to a small alley. “Do you think this is a date?” he asked and pulled her closer to him. “Uh…I-I don’t know,” Hinata answered. She had never been on a date.

“Do you want it to be a date?” Naruto asked while looking down, “It’ll be our first.” The look on her face made him light-headed. The only thing he could do was staring at her. Slowly she nodded with some tears in the corners of her eyes and a smile on her face. Naruto gently wiped the tears away and then leaned closer to kiss her. It took long before they let go of each other and both were out of breath when they did.


A girl with such blond hair that it was almost white opened a door. It was dark inside. She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. She put on the lights and walked through passageway. Her feet didn’t make any sound when they stepped on the floor. Suddenly she stopped and whistled. She waited several minutes, but nothing happened. The expression on the girls face became irritated and she walked further.


Naruto and Hinata were sitting at the lake. Naruto had his arms wrapped around Hinata. Nobody else was around so Hinata had taken off his hat again. It was lying in the grass. Her head was against his chest. His tail then wrapped around her chest and she started to stroke it.

“Your tail is soft, Naruto-kun.” “Hm-m, and also sensitive,” he whispered in her ear. He was trying not to get too excited. “Sorry,” Hinata said and stopped stroking it. “It’s okay Hina-chan.”

Hinata looked him into his blue eyes. “You hated it when Ino and Tenten toughed your tail. Was it because of that?” Naruto shook his head. “I just didn’t like it they were touching it. My senses where pretty bad back then. Sakura had to hit me on my head to bring me back to earth. I hadn’t noticed you hugged me.” Hinata was suddenly flushing. “If you didn’t notice, how come you know about it?” “Sakura told me,” he said and let his hand run through her hair.

Hinata turned and pushed Naruto to the ground. He looked surprised, while she was on top of him. They gazed at each other, both blushing. Hinata placed her hand on shoulders, while he was still looking at her with his beautiful blue eyes. She leaned closer and placed her lips on his. Naruto directly laid one of his hands on Hinata’s side, while his other hand was around her chest.

Both of them forgot the time.


“Rakuna, did you find her?” The wolf nodded. “But she is with that boy again.” The hunter hit his fist on the ground. “I can lure the boy while you get the girl, master.” “No, the boy means trouble, if he is a fox or not. We have to wait until he’s gone,” the man said angry. Rakuna nodded.


After a long while, Hinata laid her head the boy’s chest. She had her eyes closed and looked happy. Naruto stroke his tail against her cheek and she opened her eyes. Naruto smiled at her. “Shouldn’t we go back, it’s getting late,” he said with a smile. It was then that Hinata noticed the sun was set and stars were in the sky. The time passed by too fast for her, but she nodded.

They stood up. Naruto covered his tail and ears again and the two ninja walked home, holding each others hands. When they almost reached the Hyuga residence, Hinata let go. “S-sorry, but I think I walk the rest alone. If my father sees you…” “It’s okay, I understand,” Naruto said, thinking about the slap he got from Hiashi. He gave her a last kiss and whispered in her ear, “You better go now.” Hinata smiled and then walked home. Naruto watched her until she turned the corner. With a smile on his face he walked to his own home.

“I told you she liked you.”

Naruto, who was thinking about Hinata, was shocked by hearing the fox’s voice.

‘Don’t scare me like that!’

“Since when do I scare you by saying something?”

‘Wait a sec; you haven’t said anything until now, why?’

“I was enjoying your little date with the purple eyed. It’s was funny to see you kissing her. You really are inexperienced, but she was too, so it didn’t matter to her. And when scar-nose (he means Iruka, Kyubi likes to give people names -_-) came, it was awesome to see you freaking out.”

‘Glad you enjoyed it,’ Naruto told him sarcastically.

Naruto opened the door of his home and locked it when he was inside.


“The boy is gone, good. Let’s go Rakuna.” The hunter jumped from the roof, followed by the wolf. Both of them jumped over the wall of the Hyuga residence. The hunter looked around. It was late, the people were already sleeping. “Which way?” he asked the wolf silently. Rakuna sniffed and walked to a big house further on. “Here it is,” she said and stopped.


Hinata closed the door of her room and sighed. Her father hadn’t woken up. She was about to change when she heard some noise outside. “Byakugan,” she whispered. A man was walking in the garden, a dog like animal next to him. Short after that he opened her door to the veranda. The Byakugan wore off and she looked at the man with her normal eyes. It was him again. That blood limit hunter. He had an evil smile on his face.

Hinata first wanted to scream for help, but then realized that if she did, her father was right that she was weak.

‘I’ll proof him…I’ll proof my father I’m not weak.’

She gathered her chakra and charged into the blood limit hunter. She hit him so that he flew outside. She didn’t want to fight inside her room. Quickly she followed him, whispering “Byakugan.” Now she saw his chakra flow and was waiting for him to stand up.

“You’re gonna fight,” the man said, while standing up. Hinata replied by going into her fighting stance and looking at him with her Byakugan. The man grinned. “And why do you think you can beat me.” “I don’t think I can…” Hinata answered while he looked at her, “but I won’t know for sure if I not try.” “Heh, Rakuna just stay there, I’ll do this on my own.” The man started to run to her, with his fist ready to hit her. Hinata was faster and evaded the punch. She used gentle fist and hit him in the chest. Then she blocked some of his chakra points. He jumped back and threw some kunai at her. Hinata started with Kaiten.


Hiashi ran to the garden, Hanabi right after him. The sound of a fight woke them up. “Father, it’s coming from Hinata’s room.” Hiashi opened Hinata’s door and saw the room was empty. The door to the veranda was open. He walked up to it and was astonished to see a man fighting with someone. The person was using Kaiten to block the kunai. When the person stopped, he was even more stunned by finding out it was Hinata. Hanabi watched her sister with a little smile on her face.


Hinata dashed to the man and hit him with Juken again. The hunter tried to stop it but wasn’t able to. Then he noticed two others were standing on the veranda. “Rakuna, get her!” he shouted to the wolf. He didn’t have time for a long fight. “With pleasure,” the wolf snarled.
“But don’t kill, I think I can use her, she’s stronger than I thought.” While the wolf ran to the girl, he threw a smoke bomb to the two people on the veranda.

Hinata was surprised when the wolf started to attack. She evaded the wolf's muzzle and hit it a few times with. But fighting an animal was different then fighting a human being. Eventually the wolf grabbed her and threw her to the blood limit hunter. Before she was able to stand up, he placed a cloth on her mouth with some stuff on it. It made her unconscious.

The hunter grabbed the girl and rushed off. Hiashi was unable to move, there was some poison in the smoke bomb that paralyzed his body. Also Hanabi couldn’t move. They had to watch how the blood limit hunter took Hinata with him.


Naruto just ate five bowls of ramen. It was early in the morning and he was on his way to Hinata. “Hurry up, Akamaru.” Naruto saw Kiba and Akamaru running towards the Hokage building and wondered what was going on. He started to hesitate. Going to Hinata’s home or see what was going on that Kiba was in such a hurry. Maybe Hinata was there too and her team had a mission. So he decided to go to the Hokage building.


Kiba slammed the door open with a worried face. Sakura and Kakashi were standing in front of Tsunade. “Don’t tell me it’s true what I heard!” Tsunade looked to him with a serious face. “It’s true, unfortunately.” “At her home?! Why didn’t Hiashi save her?!” “The hunter used a smoke bomb with some gas that paralyzed Hiashi’s and Hanabi’s body. They couldn’t even warn me, because it lasted until an hour ago.”


Naruto was sitting on the roof just under the window. His body pressed against the wall, overhearing the conversation. “So, Hinata really got caught by that blood limit hunter,” Kiba said. “Yes,” Tsunade answered, “and I’m sending you three to bring her back.” Naruto looked shocked for a moment and wasn’t able to breath. That bastard, he thought. He stood up and jumped through the open window.

“I’m going too!”
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Plottwist *grin* haven't told you, have I. Anyway, enjoy!
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