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Chapter 9: Rescue

Mitsuki looked stunned at Rakuna and the boy she was standing on. He tried to push the wolf off and than she saw the boy’s ears. They weren’t human like, but like that of a fox. She remembered Hinata telling her boyfriend got the poison that changes you in an animal into his body. This has to be him.

“Damn wolf, get of me.” Naruto tried to push the wolf away, but its claws buried deeper inside him. “Get off him.” Naruto stopped pushing and looked in the direction the voice had come from. A girl was standing there; she looked angry and scared at the same time. “Let go of him, Rakuna!” she shouted. The wolf turned her head to the girl. “Stop it! He no longer controls you!”

Sakura, Kiba, Akamaru and Kakashi turned around the corner and saw a wolf standing on Naruto, their head turned to a girl further ahead.

Slowly the wolf let Naruto go and walked up to the girl. Naruto stood up. “What the hell is this about and who are you?!” The girl looked at him and then to the wolf. Naruto dashed to the girl, if she could order that wolf around, she must be an ally of that blood limit hunter. He grabbed her and pushed her against the wall.

“Argh,” Mitsuki moaned and looked up at the boy. “Where’s Hinata?” he said furiously, pushing her harder against the wall. “Don’t treat me like I am an ally of the hunter, ‘cause I’m not.” His grip loosened, but he didn’t let her go. “Why should we believe that, you just ordered the wolf and she was the one who attacked us before,” the boy with marks on his cheeks said. “Rakuna is mine, but he used some jutsu to control her, that’s why she was bloodthirsty and listened to him. But I dispelled it, at least that’s what I thought until…,” Mitsuki turned her head to the blond haired boy, who was holding her, “she attacked you.”

Naruto let the girl go, for some reason he could tell she was telling the truth. The girl fell to the ground and looked at the wolf. Naruto watched too and saw the animal had a hard time with herself. “It looks like the jutsu has still his effects on her,” the girl said, “I’m sorry she attacked you.” “Where’s Hinata?” Sakura asked.

“I freed her a while ago, but we ran into the hunter. She saved my life and just after that Rakuna ran away. First I thought it were allies of the hunter, but…” “Where is she?” Naruto interrupted. “Further ahead, fighting...” Before she could finish, Naruto was already gone.

Mitsuki turned her head and saw the boy turning the corner to the left. “So, who are you and why are you here?” the grey haired man spoke. “Tsuwata Mitsuki and the reason I’m here…” Mitsuki stood up and looked at the ground. “Is because that hunter is my father.” The three ninja looked frozen at her.


Hinata jumped up to evade a punch. She brushed away the blood on her cheek. Then she started to locate the chakra gates and closed some of them. But the blood limit hunter was fast, a lot faster then she was and he was able to block most of her punches. Hinata gathered chakra in her hand and hit the man on his chest, the place where the heart is. For a moment he remained silent. Then he coughed and blood fell to the ground, but before he hit it Hinata punched him on his forehead with a flat hand; he flew a few meters to the back and hit a wall. After that he fell to the ground.


“Kiba, you and Akamaru stay here and hear her out. Sakura, you go with me after Naruto.” Sakura and Kakashi ran away, going after Naruto. Kiba walked up to Mitsuki. “I don’t trust you,” he said right into her face, “if you are his daughter, you are the same.”

Mitsuki looked away, she was used to that. People always threaded her like she was a blood limit hunter herself. Though, every time somebody says that, it was painful to bear.

Then she heard footsteps, they were coming this way. “Were you with more?” she asked the boy. He shook his head, not understanding. A group of ninja turned around the corner. Slowly they walked up to them.

“Ah, Mitsuki, long time no see. Do you still hate your father for being a blood limit hunter?” one of the ninja asked. “Who are those people?” Kiba asked the girl. “Allies of my father,” she said and it sounded hated. Another one walked to the wolf lying on the ground. It was still struggling with herself about who she was and who her master was. “O poor Rakuna, you seem confused,” the one said sarcastic. He reached his hand to the wolf.

Just before he touched the animal, he was kicked away and rolled over the ground. He managed to stop himself and stood up. “Don’t… touch…her.”

Kiba looked to the side, that all happened to fast for him to follow. First Mitsuki was standing next to him and now she was standing in front of her wolf and had kicked away that bloody bastard. ‘Maybe I can trust her,’ he thought.


Hinata breathed heavily. ‘Is he done for? No, he is standing up.’ The man’s hand was glowing black. He had an evil grin on his face and dashed towards her. Hinata was exhausted, because of the speed she had used to evade his attacks, and now she wasn’t able to move fast enough to evade this attack.  

Naruto dashed into the room and saw the hunter charging at Hinata. He made a quick Rasengan and hit the man. The hunter flew against the wall. Naruto stepped in front of Hinata to protect her. “N-Naruto-kun,” Hinata whispered. Naruto turned his head to her. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” he said with his usual smile. Hinata smiled back.

The man stood up and at the same time Kakashi and Sakura appeared. “Go to Sakura, she will heal you, meanwhile I’ll deal with him,” Naruto said and ran to the man to punch him. The man was barely able to evade it.

Hinata walked to Sakura. Actually she was more exhausted than wounded. The only wounds she had was the one on her cheek and one on her left arm. Sakura healed those and then they both watched the blond haired shinobi fighting the hunter.


Kiba and Akamaru charged into the group of men, while Mitsuki kicked one down. She caught a kunai he threw at her and used it to hit the one behind her in the chest. She quickly turned and grabbed the man by his arms, picked him up and threw him at his team mate. After placing a little paper on his body. He landed on his team mate and smoke came from the explosion tag. She ran away, pulling Kiba and Akamaru (in Kiba form) with her. And picking up Rakuna. The moment they went around the corner, the explosion tag went off. Mitsuki leaned against the wall, with Rakuna in her arms. She laid the wolf on the ground, looking concerned.


“How come you’re still not a fox?” the hunter asked angry, while receiving one of Naruto’s punches. Naruto grinned, “That’s a secret.” He made a Rasengan, without using a shadow clones and hit the hunter in his stomach. The man grabbed Naruto’s arm with one hand, while he got a kunai. He hit it in Naruto’s arm, who jumped back after that. Naruto got the kunai out of his arm, while dodging some shuriken. The hunter made hand signs, too fast to follow for Naruto, and then little animals came Naruto’s way. “What…are these,” he groaned, while the things scratched him everywhere. Naruto picked one out of the air and found out it was just paper. If he had known a fire jutsu, he could just have burned them. He could only use wind.

‘Wait…wind, that’s it,’ Naruto thought.


Mitsuki sniffed if she could smell more allies of her dad, but it was quiet, at least in this area of the hide-out. Then Rakuna slowly stood up. “Are you alright now?” Mitsuki asked. Rakuna nodded. “Okay, let’s go then.” “Where to?” Kiba asked. “Just follow me,” Mitsuki answered. She ran away, with Rakuna behind her. Kiba and Akamaru went after her. She had stopped in front of a door. “Damn it, he locked it,” Mitsuki mumbled angry. She stepped a few passes behind and then dashed to it. She kicked the door open and it fell on the ground in a loud way. “What are you doing?” Kiba asked a little startled from her strength.

Mitsuki didn’t answer. She grabbed a little bag and searched for some papers and books. Everything she threw in the bag and then she grabbed a bow from the wall, together with some special made arrows. “Come on,” she said to Kiba and sprinted away.


Sakura and Kakashi had a difficulty to keep standing. Hinata was sitting against the wall, watching Naruto. He had made a miniature tornado that torn every little paper animal to pieces. Hinata watched it through her Byakugan and saw the tornado had chakra in it that cut the papers.

Naruto breathed heavily. The tornado had stopped and the papers fell to the ground. It had taken a lot of his chakra; he didn’t know how long he could keep going on. That stupid poison had not only taken away the ability to use Kyubi’s chakra, it also made him difficult to manipulate his own. The hunter growled and made a new sign; Naruto recognized the tiger sign and jumped to evade the fire. He looked down from the ceiling and jumped on the hunter with a kunai in his hand.


Mitsuki stopped running. Her feet were sliding over the floor and she stood still when she saw the next hallway, just around the corner. Two allies of her father were standing there about to go help her father, not far away. Mitsuki grabbed the bow tight and got an arrow. “Hey you two!” she shouted to the men. They turned around. Mitsuki put some of her chakra in the arrow, stretched the bow and aimed at one of them. That all took just five seconds and she let go. The arrow flew threw the air with such a speed, you almost couldn’t see it. It hit the man she aimed at, but she had already tightened her bow with a new arrow. Before the first one fell on the floor, the second one had an arrow in his heart. She started running to the room where her father was fighting.

Kiba was stunned for a moment and then ran after her. Jumping over the dead bodies. ‘She’s scary,’ he thought.


The hunter had seen Naruto coming and jumped up. Kunai hit and they both landed on the floor. Naruto stood up, but before he realized what happened, the hunter had got him. One arm around his neck and the other holding his right arm on his back. Pushing it up that his arm could break. It hurt, but for some reason he couldn’t move. He managed to turn his head a little and saw the hunter was able to take away his chakra.

‘How do I get out of this?’ All of a sudden he got an idea and bit the hunter in his arm. He let go and Naruto fell on his hands and knees. “You damn Foxboy!” the hunter said. Naruto tried to stand up, but he was out of chakra. The man made new hand signs and water came Naruto’s way.

Kakashi wanted to help Naruto, who was unable to move and without any more chakra, but the door flew open and two persons and two animals entered the room. One of them jumped between the water attack and Naruto.

Naruto looked up and saw the girl from earlier, but before he could say ‘thank you’ he passed out.

“You!” her father said. Then he saw the bow and the arrow Mitsuki had already tightened to let go. Mitsuki watched her father, first he looked a bit afraid, but then his expression changed. A sudden howl of Rakuna made Mitsuki lose her guard and turn to her animal friend. He was torturing her! “Rakuna!” But before she could do a thing, her father had hit her. Mitsuki was shocked to see his hand was black and grabbed tight to her fathers arm. Taking him with her to the floor. The bow and arrow had fallen to the ground. As soon Mitsuki’s back touched the ground, she kicked her father in his stomach and he hit the wall. Mitsuki stood up and looked to her father’s hand. He had tried to take away all her chakra and replace it for his, so he could control her. Was that what he had used on Rakuna, next to that jutsu he had already used.

Mitsuki looked at Rakuna and then to her father. She ran to the wolf and placed her hand on its head, pushing her own chakra in it to kill her father’s chakra, that Rakuna had running through her veins. The wolf calmed down and at the moment Mitsuki was sure her wolf was safe, her father was standing up. He looked at her. “You know too much about me, girl.” “Maybe that’s because I’m your daughter. Stop this foolishness, I’ve asked that too many times!” He threw kunai at her and she managed to dodge them. She grabbed the bow and the last arrow. Aiming for him, she tightened it again, putting her chakra in the arrow.

“Can you?” her father asked, “Can you kill, your own father, Mitsuki?” Mitsuki closed her eyes saying, “You are the reason mom’s dead. You caused so many trouble,” Mitsuki opened her eyes, “I’ve seen it all. I hate you for it, so why won’t I be able to kill you!”

But her hands were trembling. There was still one reason, no, two reasons left to let him live. One of them was, and she hated herself for it, he was still her father. The one who taught her almost everything she knows. The other reason… the letter in her pocket.

Her father smiled evilly and blasted a hole in the ceiling. “Until we meet again, daughter,” he grinned wicked and jumped up, his way out. Mitsuki turned her head away with closed eyes. “I’m such a fool,” she muttered to herself and dropped the bow and arrow. They clattered on the ground. Not useful anymore. Then Mitsuki walked to Rakuna and the others, the people she didn’t know at all.

“We better get away from this place,” she said avoiding eye contact, “it’s too dangerous here.” Rakuna stood up and followed her to the door.

Kakashi walked to Naruto and picked him up. Hinata was about to cry. “Is he gonna be alright?” she whispered. Sakura examined him. “Don’t worry; he’s just out off chakra.” “He’s not out off chakra,” Mitsuki said, “he’s unable to control the chakra he has left.” “What do you mean?” Sakura asked. “I’ll explain, while we’re getting out of here.” They all followed Mitsuki. First she got her back out of her room, then they went to the exit.

“The poison that changed him almost into an animal is responsible. Having that stuff in your body makes you vulnerable, because you’re unable to use all your chakra. On top of that it makes it hard to manipulate your chakra. Both drive you to exhaustion,” Mitsuki explained.

They were outside again. Mitsuki looked around. “They’re close,” she whispered. “Who? Those animals I smell?” Kiba asked. “Yes, but they’re no real animals. They’re humans and they’re after me.” “Then we leave you alone, they’re not after us,” Kiba snarled. Mitsuki turned to him. “It’s not that simple. You have my smell all over you and the same goes for Hinata. They will think you are my allies and go after you as well.” Kiba growled. “Is there something we can do?” Hinata asked. Mitsuki looked at Rakuna, who started sniffing and then digging a little sand away. A wooden trap-door appeared. “We go through there,” Mitsuki said and opened it. She jumped inside and Rakuna followed her.

One after another jumped down the wooden trap-door and when they were all down, Mitsuki closed it again. Suddenly it was pitch-black. “I’m used to the darkness so there’s no light over here, I’m sorry,” Mitsuki said.

Hinata was staring into the darkness. She couldn’t see a thing, but heard some noise on the left of her. Then there was light from a fire. Kakashi was holding a torch in his right hand, while he used his left hand to hold Naruto on his back. “Let’s go,” he said. Hinata saw Mitsuki nodding and starting to walk. Kakashi walked behind her and Hinata was the third. Kiba walked next to her and Sakura walked next to Kakashi.

Hinata looked concerned to Naruto. His bonnet has fallen of, but his tail was still hidden somewhere. “Hinata are you alright?” Kiba asked. Hinata turned her head to the left. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, Kiba-kun.” “Then dumbass will be happy,” Kiba growled a bit. “What do you mean?” Hinata asked, blushing slightly. Did they know, had Naruto told them? “He said he felt responsible for you being kidnapped. That he should have killed the hunter when he had the change.” Hinata turned her face back to Naruto’s back, with a little smile on her face.

Kiba was watching Hinata from the corners of his eyes. She had a smile on her face, but still looked worried. Then Kiba looked at Naruto. ‘Dope, you got yourself almost killed.’ His eyes drifted to Mitsuki. Rakuna was walking next to her. Kiba wondered why she hadn’t killed her father. He watched her, still not fully trusting her, the rest of the trip and found out she frequently put her hand in her right pocket for a second. Like she was checking something was still in there. He wondered what.

Mitsuki looked up. They were at the end of the tunnel. She climbed up the rope and opened the trap-door. “There won’t be any animals that want to attack us.” “Who wants to attack you, you mean,” Kiba barked, while Mitsuki stepped on the ground. She ignored him and the others climbed out of the tunnel.

The daylight was hurting a bit and they had to get used to it. Naruto was still unconscious. Mitsuki hoped he would be alright. Still, she was wondering how he survived that poison, but that had to come later. She didn’t know where they had to go and waited for somebody else to go. They grey haired man did, with the boy still on his back. Mitsuki followed, together with Rakuna. She left some space between her and the rest. “Why are we following them?” Rakuna asked. “I am the only one with information about the poison,” Mitsuki answered.

Hinata jumped to the next tree and saw the gate of Konoha a bit farther away. They jumped on the ground and walked. Hinata looked at Naruto. ‘His ears,’ she thought. She stopped walking. “Uhm, Kakashi-sensei?” she whispered. He looked over his right shoulder. (Naruto’s head is lying on his left shoulder.) “What is it, Hinata?” he asked and had stopped walking. Hinata pointed to Naruto, but Kakashi didn’t understand.

Sakura on the other hand did. “His ears,” she said. Hinata nodded. “What’s so bad about it?” Kiba asked not understanding, “He doesn’t have to like them, but hiding? Why is that so necessary?” Hinata looked at her friend, he didn’t know. He didn’t know Naruto had Kyubi sealed in him, so he won’t understand. Hinata saw Mitsuki looking not understanding, while Sakura placed a new bonnet on Naruto’s head. She had one in her bag.

They entered the village. “Mitsuki, would you come with me, together with your wolf. Sakura, can you take over Naruto and bring him to the hospital, Kiba you help her. Hinata, you better go home, to your father. He’s very worried.” Hinata nodded and left. Kakashi gave Naruto to Sakura, but Kiba said she could lay him on Akamaru’s back. Mitsuki was waiting with Rakuna, until Kakashi started walking. What he did after Kiba, Sakura and Akamaru left with Naruto.

Mitsuki wondered what it was the man wanted her to come with him. They entered a big building and then walked through hallways and up the stairs. Kakashi knocked on a door and Mitsuki heard a woman say, “Come in.” Kakashi opened the door the pushed Mitsuki inside first. Rakuna followed her of course. The woman behind the desk looked at her, then she saw the wolf and got on guard.

“Who’s the girl, you brought, Kakashi?”  “I am Tsuwata Mitsuki,” Mitsuki said and bow, “and this is Rakuna, my friend.” Mitsuki looked at Rakuna. “I am Tsunade, the fifth Hokage. Your wolf… is it the one that attacked Naruto?” “It is, Tsunade-sama, but don’t worry. Rakuna was under a jutsu, which the hunter used on her,” Kakashi said.


Hinata entered her house. “Father?” she yelled and walked to the living room. Just when she wanted to enter it, her father came in the hallway. “Hinata?” She saw her father sighing relieved and happy, what confused her. Then Hanabi came around the corner of the corridor. She watched her big sister, with tears in her eyes and then ran up to her. “You’re alright,” she said and hugged her sister. This scared Hinata even more, but it made her happy as well.

“What happened?” her father asked. Hinata started to tell the whole story. Starting with how the hunter had found her in her own room and finishing with Mitsuki who almost killed her own father. “You attacked that hunter again?” her sister asked, looking surprised. Hinata nodded shyly.


Sakura laid Naruto on a bed. “He gets himself in the hospital a bit too much, lately,” Kiba said. “It’s nothing serious this time; I think he will wake up soon.” Sakura said, “Let’s go to Tsunade.” Kiba nodded.


“Father, is it okay if I go, I’ll be back soon?” Hinata asked. “Where are you going to?” “Tsunade-sama.” Hinata looked at her father. Normally she would have looked to the ground, when she asked him something. Her father looked back and eventually nodded. “Thank you father,” she said and bowed. Then she ran of to the Hokage building.


“How come the hunter had your wolf?” Tsunade asked surprised. “The hunter is my father,” Mitsuki said, while looking angry to the floor, “but soon he’ll be the hunted one.” “To kill him?” Kakashi asked. Mitsuki shook her head. “That’s not the real reason, but if I have the change I will kill him. No, there’s something else. And that something is the reason why I let him live.” Mitsuki put her hand in her right pocket and grabbed the letter. “What is this something you are talking about?” “I can’t tell you that,” Mitsuki said, looking up again.

‘This kid is almost like Sasuke,’ Kakashi thought.  

Somebody knocked in the door and it was Hinata that entered the office. Mitsuki looked at her. “Mitsuki?”

Hinata walked to her new friend. “Do you know… I mean, your father is the hunter. Do you know anything about that poison he used on Naruto-kun?” Hinata asked, very aware of Kakashi and Tsunade. Mitsuki nodded, “Yes. That’s why I came with you. My father was a master in poisons and learned me a lot about it at the time dad still trusted me.” Tsunade stood up. “Do you know the antidote?” Hinata was waiting, hoping for a yes.

Mitsuki started digging in her bag and got some books out of it. She walked to Tsunade and gave her the books. “These books have descriptions of many poisons and some cures for them. I never learned how to make potions myself, so I can’t make a cure. I suppose you can?” Tsunade nodded. “There’s only one thing that’s bothering me,” Mitsuki said. “What then?” Hinata asked. Mitsuki turned to Hinata. “How come he hadn’t changed into a full fox? That could be a difficulty while making a potion.” “It won’t, we know why.” Mitsuki looked at Tsunade and nodded.

Sakura, Kiba and Akamaru entered the room. “Naruto is still unconscious, but I think he will wake up soon,” Sakura said. “Unconscious?” Tsunade repeated and stared at Kakashi.


Naruto opened his eyes and rubbed his head, while looking around.

‘Great, I’m in the hospital again.’

Suddenly he got up. ‘Is Hinata alright?’ He wondered and jumped out of bed. He put his shoes on and then ran out the room. A nurse shouted that he had to go back to bed, but he ignored it. He felt fine. Outside he used his nose to smell where Hinata was. “Hokage building,” he mumbled and dashed to it.


“I thought I told him not to overdo it,” Tsunade sighed after hearing the story, “one day it’s gonna be his death.” “Mitsuki saved him just in time,” Hinata said. Mitsuki turned her face to her. “I just didn’t want another victim…” she mumbled.

Somebody kicked the door open and they all turned their faces to the door.

Naruto looked at Hinata; she was looking stunned, but perfectly fine. Naruto sighed relieved, “you’re okay.” “Na-Naruto-kun, shouldn’t you be in the hospital,” Hinata stammered. Naruto walked up to her and hugged her. “I am fine,” he said. Hinata was blushing. Then he kissed her on the mouth, what made her blush even more. She didn’t faint, but kissed him back. They were both not aware of the crowd that was staring at them.
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I had so much fun writing the last part of this chapter. The idea was in my head the whole vacation in France, together with a bunch of other stuff. I wonder what's gonna happen after they stop.... nah I already know. =D Sorry for the late update... I was busy with so much ^^;

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